Sticks and Stones 5k, 10k, 16.04k trail and 13.1 Half Marathon on the road and Hybrid 10k

Sunday, December 01, 2013 8:30 AM
Paesano's 3622 Paesano's Parkway
San Antonio, TX

Event Summary:
Your choice run 5k, 10k, 16.04k (10 miler) on a beautiful single track trail. The road options are 5k 10k and 13.1 half marathon. Also this year we will have a Hybrid 10k, 3 miles of trails followed by 3 miles of street.  Lots of options, no reason to not try something. After, yes you guessed it,  Paesanos buffet! With some free beer and free wine. More details to follow....
Event Details:

What do you get, free buffet, great race, some free beer and some free wine....yes we have some free wine.  The wine vendor will be revealed as we get closer to the event.

EMCEE and music....just note, that it will be memorable.


Event Location:

3622 Paesano's Parkway
San Antonio, TX  78231
Sticks or Stones:street or trail shoes - 5k, 10k,  16.04K for trail and Road, also a Hybrid 10k 3 miles on trails and 3 mails on road Race
Event Fees:
5k $40- $45 late, 10k $45 - $50 late 16.04 Trail Run - $ 55
5k $40 -$45 late, 10k $45 - $50 late13.1 half marathon Road Run - $ 75
Hybrid 10k, 3miles of trail and 3 miles of Road  $50 - late $55 
Paesanos Buffet for non-runners:
Registered runners and volunteers are free.  Friends, family $12, children under 12 are $7.

For Race Updates, visit official website:

Sticks and Stones courses.



Sticks  16.04k



Stones  16.04k


We may have a staggered start to so that the fastest 16.04k and 13.1 mile half marathon runners finish close to the same time as the fastest 5k runners.

 The Sticks and Stoner portion will follow the same layout and will turn around at the right point to make their race 5k and 10k.  The Hybrid race will be posted later.


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